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Your feelings don’t know your future

At times when I am down and beating up on myself for all that I have not yet accomplished and whether or not I would. I am reminded that my feelings don’t know my future. Continue reading Your feelings don’t know your future


Come out of that valley, go to the high tower

The valley the place where feelings take over, where what someone said or did plagues the mind more often than you would like it to. In our valley we operate defeated, “why me God, why did this happen to me, what did I do? The place where a pity party is governed. The place where the enemy like us to be; hopeless, faithless, mindful of the defeat. Continue reading Come out of that valley, go to the high tower

Who do you say I am?

Do you know who God is? It’s time that we declare and proclaim the many names of Jesus over our situation. Let the enemy know who is in control and to whom all the glory belongs even in our tribulations.

When Jesus was talking to Peter and his disciples he asked them a very important question. “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭16:15‬ ‭NIV‬‬. Your response is very important, because it will define or renew your level of faith in God. Your response frees you from you, it frees you from your level of thinking about who God is to you.  Continue reading Who do you say I am?

Don’t run from the challenge

It’s human nature to run when issues arise. We oftentimes look for the easy way out in everything. We run from our job, marriage, relationships, family issues, personal encounters when an issue arise. Maybe it’s our pride and ego that does not allow us to face our problems, knowing that they are a stepping stone to overcoming. It’s through our pain, our wilderness that the lord begins to birth some stuff in our lives. Our lives are transformed from challenge to challenge only if we learn what God requires in our present situation. For example we can move from hurt, to unforgiveness to bitterness to love through our challenge what i call the overcoming process. The very thing we run from is the very thing through which our blessing and anointing come through.  So don’t run, like David change your attitude stand strong in the lord! Behave wisely, “Is there not a cause”. (1 Samuel 17 – 18) Continue reading Don’t run from the challenge

The moment when fear stepped in

The lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear. Fear is an unpleasant feeling that in my understanding is the beginning of all things evil. Have you ever realised that doubt, unbelief, worry and even quarrel among other things, all begins after a feeling of fear rises up on the inside of you? I usually say that the enemy uses worry to keep us from focusing on God and his promises towards us, but above worry there is fear, and fear is the enemy’s ultimate weapon to keep us from trusting God. Continue reading The moment when fear stepped in

Overcoming Mind Tactics

The Mind

The mind is a powerful instrument, we use it consciously and unconsciously. Our mind can be the main organ that causes us to be happy or unhappy.

As individuals who has experienced worry, strife, pain and neglect we often replay those moments in our mind. The word of God says in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. In my moment of neglect and rejection I have stumbled upon this scripture. “It’s amazing how God speaks to us through his word in the right season”. I was able to stand on this principle and declare that I have a sound mind because God says it in his word.
To overcome mind tactics I urge you to study the following points, let it change your life as it continues to change mine.

What am I thinking, Is this the truth?

If we focus on the negative things in our lives we become negative. Everything including our conversation become negative. Whatever we put our mind, energy or attention to as individuals those things will develop. Continue reading Overcoming Mind Tactics