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Your feelings don’t know your future

At times when I am down and beating up on myself for all that I have not yet accomplished and whether or not I would. I am reminded that my feelings don’t know my future. Continue reading Your feelings don’t know your future

Love wants to be near

We have all heard and know that God is love, but really what does that mean to us? Let’s take a moment to think about this…

God is love, but what does love require of me? God (love) requires relationship and intimate fellowship with each of us. Love want to be close! If you love someone wouldn’t you want to be close to them, in communion and covenant with them or constantly in communication with that loved one?   Answer: Yes! Continue reading Love wants to be near

Establishing covenant relationships 

We need covenant people in our lives as christians, these people meet us at our point of need. They speak to us by the leading of the spirit, they speak into our lives by their experiences and directing us in christ principles. They are there to judge us upward and not down, a hand in need, just there to supply. I take this time again to say thank you lord for the covenant relationships In my life, continue to feed their spirit as they continue to feed mines and others. Continue reading Establishing covenant relationships 

Don’t limit God

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭NIV

That power..

God is able to do anything and everything, even more than we can imagine, as long as that power, our level of faith, belief and expectancy is at work in us. God is waiting to work on our behalf all he needs is for us to believe. Continue reading Don’t limit God

Religion or relationship with Jesus?

What did Jesus Christ die for?

Some may say, he died for my sins, others because he loves me, we have a lot of reasons. My answer, Christ died to implement a new order. He died for the remission of our sins yes, but also that we can establish a closer relationship with the father, restoring us back to God’s original intent. Continue reading Religion or relationship with Jesus?

One day I will live in the fruit of this moment

Every moment or situation has a divine purpose and intent

2016-04-01 07.54.09

Life as we know it, is a series of steps, each step leaves a different impression on us. From each step we learn and we grow. I have decided to take an “inventory” of my past and present situations by keeping record of my response and how I overcame. In doing this I realise that my past trials have assisted me in living and dealing with my present moment. Think about a time where you were in a situation and you wanted answers. To you and I the situation may not make sense but you must believe that one day you will live in the fruit of this moment. If I was not able to overcome the battlefield in my mind, I would not be able to boldly say that I am happy even in the midst of a storm.  Continue reading One day I will live in the fruit of this moment