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Trusting God’s Process

For me one of the most difficult thing is to want something pray about and wait. It’s nerve wrecking. When I pray I like to be reassured that God is in agreement with what I am asking and that is not always the case. For a while now I have been praying for somethings and see the opposite happen, so much so that I gave up. When my situation aligns then I trust God again, but when it goes all wrong I try to fix it myself. Continue reading Trusting God’s Process

There is relief in praise!

In the midst of worry, distress, mind battle and even tribulation there is a relief in my praise. If only we can move pass the issue and shout, “Jesus! I love you! I praise you in the midst of it all”! We will receive his grace, peace and joy. In my moments of worry about job, relationship, money, family issues when I praise God I am able to walk in joy. He gives me a peace that passes ALL understanding even my own and I love it!  Continue reading There is relief in praise!

Showcase the father

Don’t just live for me live from me… stay connected, for I am the vine you are the branches. Love like I do, forgive like I do, be humble as I am, holy as I am, pure like I am, speak like I do, be faithful like I am. When we live from the vine we have no choice but to produce the fruit of the spirit of God (read John 15: 1-5)
As a people of God we have a responsibility to show others who God is. We demonstrate Christ by the way we speak, by our opinions, how we carry about ourselves in every way possible. I remember growing up in church and being told that we need to be holy. Thinking back on this now I thought being holy was me being good, well the good I thought good was, but it’s so much more. Be holy as I am holy, is what the lord says in 1 Peter 1:16 says. God’s way of being holy is to follow the pattern son, Jesus.

Continue reading Showcase the father