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Your feelings don’t know your future

At times when I am down and beating up on myself for all that I have not yet accomplished and whether or not I would. I am reminded that my feelings don’t know my future. Continue reading Your feelings don’t know your future


Create a new present – change your future.

What do I represent? It’s time to take a seat in the midst of it all and see where we are, spiritually and physically. Let’s Look at our parents, our family history, their problems, where are we in relation to that? Now take a look at your future in relation to where you are now, what do you see? Does your present radiate how you see yourself in the future? Continue reading Create a new present – change your future.

Show me your Glory

Ever so often God shows us who he is in our life. A prayer answered, a family member coming to know him, our faith being uplifted, you name it. God is everywhere, take a moment to reflect on how you have experienced Christ today, as one songwriter said he is everything! Continue reading Show me your Glory

Don’t run from the challenge

It’s human nature to run when issues arise. We oftentimes look for the easy way out in everything. We run from our job, marriage, relationships, family issues, personal encounters when an issue arise. Maybe it’s our pride and ego that does not allow us to face our problems, knowing that they are a stepping stone to overcoming. It’s through our pain, our wilderness that the lord begins to birth some stuff in our lives. Our lives are transformed from challenge to challenge only if we learn what God requires in our present situation. For example we can move from hurt, to unforgiveness to bitterness to love through our challenge what i call the overcoming process. The very thing we run from is the very thing through which our blessing and anointing come through.  So don’t run, like David change your attitude stand strong in the lord! Behave wisely, “Is there not a cause”. (1 Samuel 17 – 18) Continue reading Don’t run from the challenge

One day I will live in the fruit of this moment

Every moment or situation has a divine purpose and intent

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Life as we know it, is a series of steps, each step leaves a different impression on us. From each step we learn and we grow. I have decided to take an “inventory” of my past and present situations by keeping record of my response and how I overcame. In doing this I realise that my past trials have assisted me in living and dealing with my present moment. Think about a time where you were in a situation and you wanted answers. To you and I the situation may not make sense but you must believe that one day you will live in the fruit of this moment. If I was not able to overcome the battlefield in my mind, I would not be able to boldly say that I am happy even in the midst of a storm.  Continue reading One day I will live in the fruit of this moment

Trials, a “gift” of life

The Test


2015 has being a year of world winds in my spiritual and physical life. I have experienced a whole lot of challenges, hurt and growth. I even gained respect in different aspects of my life. I must say trials and testing are really a “gift” of life (different perspective) that promotes you into a more in-depth walk in your life.

At the end of 2014 into 2015 I experienced one of the greatest hurt I would consider in my lifetime – rejection. To counter rejection (after holding my own pity party for days) I turned to my first love, the great and awesome God who knows and has plans for my life beyond my thoughts and imagination. Rejection was the beginning of my salvation. I made a choice to get to know him even deeper than I already did. Continue reading Trials, a “gift” of life