He waits to be wanted

I can relate… 😂 as a woman that’s currently waiting for her husband I can’t help but wonder, am I doing enough to demonstrate that am ready? Then again, I am reminded that I don’t run this show and timelines are a myth and a setup for disappointment.

One of my friends in her match making capacity (yes you Stacy!) said to me, “Del what are you waiting on! do you want this man to breakdown your bedroom door and find you? 😆 Of course not! I laughed so hard and still do, it was the first time I ever heard this one. You need to go out more, she would say.

This parallel might not be adequate, but I needed to create this picture; Like my father, I will be waiting until I am wanted (DISCLAIMER: I drop no personal hints here), and when that time comes the pursuit will be all worth it.

John 6:44 AMPC says;

“No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and [then] I will raise him up [from the dead] at the last day.”

We have to want to love Jesus. Like we usually tell our youths all we can do is lead you to the well, we can’t make you drink you have to want to. Its in our wanting for him we find treasure in his kingdom and living a life of alignment to his word. To be in constant pursuit of God, requires a pure hearted people with hearts wide open to hear his voice and his call to come close. Those that won’t run away when he calls.

When we want him

I don’t know what I will do when that day comes, probably my girl Chrisell can act it out for me 😂. Now I understand; No wonder all of heaven rejoices when one sinner comes to repentance. Its in our yes to God the walls begins to fall allowing the veil over our hearts to be torn so that we can see more and more of His glory, so that we can step into the cloud. After seeing the glory of God, what is our response, constant pursuit of him.

The scriptures says that nothing can separate us from his love, but I strongly believe that only we separate ourselves by not wanting and pursuing him, not wanting to step into his presence. Image how this probably hurts God; his main goal is that we will be known as his people and Him as Our God (relationship).

The umbrella vision for my life of living in the now includes me having a wanting for God that no matter the season I am in I would live as one that is hungry for more of him.

Leave a comment below; How important is having a wanting for God?

Happy New year and Gods richest blessings in this new year. I pray that our wanting for him continues to grow.

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