Live in the Now

If Christ died so that we can have this abundant life, why live less than, why be fearful and in doubt about tomorrow.

A couple weeks ago, on my way to work, my prayer was, “lord what’s next for me”. I am obsessed with knowing what’s next because I would like to be prepared for it 😩. If I don’t know my season, how do I prepare to navigate it? It’s how I manage. Yes, I know I am not in control but knowing gives me a sense of responsibility that whatever I do can help me in the process. After coming off of a hug season I felt stagnant, I don’t like feeling this way because it leaves room for me to become complacent, to not read my Bible, pray or even fast.

My desire as a daughter of God is to be on fire and to be a fire that spreads for his glory. I am uncomfortable when I feel dry and stagnant. I have already set my mind to not go back to the old, that’s why I needed to know my next. It’s like I wanted to live from trial to trial because I know that it keeps me dependent on God.

Back to my prayer, It wasn’t the first time I said this prayer, I was waiting for an answer. When I spoke those words I heard in my spirit; Del, why do you want to know what is next? live in the now. I tell you guys, this broke me. My heart was pounding because of the truth behind these words. Live in the now; the now blessing, live in the presence, live in the abundance. I needed to sit back and see what God had already done, to delight in him and what he is doing in my life. I need to stop worrying about the next and live in the now.

Do I really understand what it means to live?

The dictionary explains live (the verb) as, to remain alive, to make ones home in a particular place. So I have been researching and reading about all kind of stuff so I can build the relationships I currently have, even the ones that are hard 😬. I choose to obey that voice and live in the now, whatever that may mean, am open to discovering every facet of it. I choose to live as one that delights myself in the lord and in everything I do, I choose to give him glory.

As I sat in the sun and reflected, its like I felt the warmth of the father, I couldn’t help but write. My watch words to live by now are, live in the now, whatever that may be. Live the abundant life that was purchased for you 😊, Glorify God in all that you do.

Make Gods heart Happy 😭 🙌

Leave a comment below. What does live in the now means to you?

Love you guys, take in some sunshine (or whatever weather) today as you sit in his presence.

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