As Intimate as I Choose

Like a submitted wife to a loving husband, intimacy flows from the love connection shared between them. Intimacy becomes powerful when trust and dependence is established.

If I treasure you I will protect that space and place with you.

As wife I can share every detail of my day with my husband because I know that I am his treasure. It’s therefore our choice to be as intimate as we choose.

I was recently listening to a message titled Breaking the Cycle of Sexual Sin and one of the speakers mentioned something that stayed with me. She said, “The creative, flows from a place of intimacy therefore intimacy is open game for the enemy to introduce compromise” If I don’t protect my intimate place, to preserve purity, then I am compromised. We are the creative; men and women of God inspired by his life and separated to his will. If I am compromised I can’t be intimate.

How intimate a relationship can I have with God?

There is no mind blowing answer to this question because it’s that simple; As intimate as you choose.

Our intimacy with God can only grow as we treasure our secret place with him. As his chosen sons and daughters we are privileged to be called his own, but if I have a husband that calls me his own but my intimacy with him (vulnerability, love, trust) is not genuine then our “love” is compromised. This picture in the natural is the same in the spirit; my love relationship with God/ my intimate place with him, has to be my choice otherwise I would fall to pleasures of this world; living a surrendered life will seem impossible, it becomes a burden.

What does intimate look like?

Intimacy speaks of closeness, deep crying out to deep (spirit connection), vulnerability, being emptied and naked, worship.

As intimate as I choose cries out to be known by him. Like Jesus said to his disciples, me and my father are one, to me that’s intimacy. Where I know (am intimately acquainted with) my father and my father knows me, that’s intimacy exchanged. Jesus also said that I do that which I see and hear my father say and do. His life flows from a place of being with the father, knowing his secrets and being able to hear his heart. Christ died so that we can be restored to that place of intimacy with God the father; so much so that we have his spirit in us. It’s amazing because the same compassion that Jesus was moved with had to be the same of the father.

As intimate as I choose creates a level of vulnerability, where as I see things in myself that is not in alignment with God’s word I can immediately bring it to him and without condemnation he so lovingly covers my sin 😭. He covers so that purity can be my exchange. It’s in this intimate place I am open to correction. When I choose intimacy with God I want to please him with my life, my body, my desires, all of who I am, so I submit to the washing of his word so I can grow in purity.

As intimate as I choose is revealed in my worship; It’s undefiled before him. In this place I let go of my pride and I humble myself before my God. I can be broken before him; a broken and contrite heart he will not despise (Psalms 51:17). As David danced before the lord his wife saw him being vile and common but his dance was his love expression, his intimate place before God.

Let our choice towards intimacy with God be one that can only grow our love relationship and not one that causes compromise.

Much love!!!

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