Reason for our Season

As Christians, a lot of us find ourselves asking questions such as: “Why did this happen to me? What shall I do? Why do people take advantage of others? Why isnt God answering my prayers?” The reality is, do we even understand the season that we are in?


Genisis 1: 26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth”

The verse in Genesis above reminds us that man was created to have ‘dominion’ over all the earth. In having dominon, it means that we must be good stewards (managers) in our varying responsibilities.


Being good stewards refer to us practicing good parenting skills, us being obedient children, us taking care of our physical bodies, husbands and wives honouring their marriage, maintaining a clean home, improving our punctuality, performance and reducing presenteeism on our place of employment, proper management of finances, etc.


Romans 5: 3-5 “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.”

Romans explains that as Christians we go through challenges not because we love tribulations but because God is using life’s difficulties and Satan’s attacks to build our character, develop our perseverance and strengthen our faith in God since no matter what we experience in life, God promised that he would never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5)

Furthermore, each of us go through different seasons, however, our understanding of that season is important. Using myself as an example, I was going through a season of change at work, because I did not understand why I was a part of such transformational change, I kept complaining. Upon reading God’s word, I understood that I was experiencing such challenges because God was preparing me for something even greater. If I failed to appreciate all that I learned due to such change then I would not have been recommended for job stability at work.

Similarly, some of us ask God why he hasn’t blessed us with material things such as a house, do we manage the affairs of where we currently live efficiently (be it simple chores) to be able to manage a house? We ask God why are we still single, do we love God and love ourselves enough to be able to love others? We ask God why is our children disobedient, did we as parents train up our children in the way of the Lord? We ask God why are we going through so many challenges at work, do we try to be proactive and analytical to improve our performance and reduce the stress on the job? We ask God why don’t I have enough money? Do we tithe or are we mismanaging God’s money?

As we good or bad stewards?


✓Stop complaining and grumbling. Philippians 2:14-15 “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” If we are complaining about the season that we are in, how do we expect God to improve our current season?

✓Grow a greater appreciation of being good stewards by praying, reading and understanding the word of God.

✓Practice the word of God so that Christ would be seen in you, for the word of God says “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” Galatians 2:20


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  1. It’s important for us to understand the season that we are in, it will help us to realize that it’s just a season and most of all God is looking at our response. If we complain we will loose out on what we are required to learn in the process..


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