A heart like yours

For the past month I have been seeking God about his purpose for this blog and what the official name should be, till finally the spirit of God said to me “word configured”.Word configured has been one of our pray point for 2018 twenty one days prayer and fasting and this is what God has been ringing in my spirit. Welcome to word configured y’all! My hearts desire is to see the kingdom of God established in and through our daily lives. We are to be so positioned and conditioned in and by the word, that we live out a transformed life that so transforms others.

For each of us to be that agent in the transformation of others, we have to so submit our hearts to God so that he can work in us. Too often we wait to be “finished” before we make a choice to serve God (topic for another time) or make that step to impact, but those whom we aim to disciple and be stewards of, must be able see us as the true pattern. How can I believe that I can be like Jesus, if he never had to go through what I did and overcame. Knowing that Jesus overcame temptation, rejection, being lied upon… and the cross is vital in my progression. With that, I need his heart to know how to respond in all situations, even those where my opinion is so strong, to endure trials and temptations, to love unconditionally: yup that’s a hard thing to do. I need his heart to teach others who he is, especially when I know they may not want to hear about Jesus, or believe that he cares about stuff that concerns us. I need the heart of patience to see planted seed grow and to wait for his promises to unfold as I faithfully serve him.

My Hearts Condition

The perfect example of the recommended hearts position is David. God saw his own heart through David’s, he was noted as the man after God own heart. Imagine God looking down and saying “Yes! That’s my heart there”! As people of God we need to seek out the characteristics of God’s heart and we can find this in David’s story:

  1. David was faithful, he served his father as a shepherd of his sheep (almost as if he was a slave and not a son) and Saul even though he was already anointed king. When he had little he was faithful: this qualified him to be ruler over much.
  2. David was zealous for the things of God: I can imagine how David was appalled when he saw the reaction of Saul’s army to the threats of Goliath, the look in his eyes and on his face. His response was, who is this philistine, is his right in his mind to defile the armies of the living God! While everyone was worried and afraid he had the boldness to step out with what he had: his sling, stones and God as his strength, showing the nation who God is! He had zeal for the house of God!
  3. David had a relationship with God, he understood the principle of putting God first: he would not make a move, without first consulting God. I love this because his prayers were so direct, he would say should I go, would I win this battle? He sort God’s direction always (1 Samuel 30:8).
  4. David walked in honor, the word said he behaved wisely (1 Samuel 18:14) . In first Samuel it has been recorded numerous times …and David behaved wisely. I believe that is what ticked his enemies off, how can this man be so cool and not reactive when the king was trying to kill him (make him crack). His response was so focused and faithful, he served no matter the opposition: he understood that the humble shall be exalted.
  5. David walked in forgiveness: Saul was determined to kill David but when David had the chance to defeat him he chose to forgive even when those that were with him urged him to, see 1 Samuel 24: 8- 20.
  6. David was quick to repent: we all know that David fell into temptation, but when convicted he did not defend his action, got offended or run from God, he sort him all the more. He surrendered his wrong and submitted himself to be re- conditioning by God. He did not allow himself to become a slave to sin but took control by seeking after the mercy and Grace of God, through repentance.
  7. David was a worshiper: he understood what it meant to praise God. It doesn’t matter who is watching and what they thought of his praise (see 2 Samuel 6:20-22). Others may comment when you worship but your praise Is unto the living God!
  8. David understood the importance of the presence of God: the ark of the covenant was the place where the presence of God dwelled. He recovered the ark and returned it to it’s rightful place. He understood the importance of dwelling in and having God’s presence.

There is so much more…, my hope is that these words stir your desire and hunger to be configured by the word of God.

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