Create a new present – change your future.

What do I represent? It’s time to take a seat in the midst of it all and see where we are, spiritually and physically. Let’s Look at our parents, our family history, their problems, where are we in relation to that? Now take a look at your future in relation to where you are now, what do you see? Does your present radiate how you see yourself in the future? Continue reading Create a new present – change your future.


Show me your Glory

Ever so often God shows us who he is in our life. A prayer answered, a family member coming to know him, our faith being uplifted, you name it. God is everywhere, take a moment to reflect on how you have experienced Christ today, as one songwriter said he is everything! Continue reading Show me your Glory

Religion or relationship with Jesus?

What did Jesus Christ die for?

Some may say, he died for my sins, others because he loves me, we have a lot of reasons. My answer, Christ died to implement a new order. He died for the remission of our sins yes, but also that we can establish a closer relationship with the father, restoring us back to God’s original intent. Continue reading Religion or relationship with Jesus?