I want a teachable spirit 

A teachable spirit is one that is connected and desirous of being thought by God. One who seeks after the teachings of Jesus through his word, yielding to his direction. Submitting our mind and soul to learn what God says and do what the word says without partiality. James 1:5 NIV says “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” If you desire to be thought of God to know his ways and thought in any matter ask of him and let his word wash you and help develop and renew your mind (Romans 12:1). For its though our mind transformation that it becomes more easier to not conform to worldly things.

Do you wanna be thought of God?

When you are serious about developing a relationship with Jesus your desire for his thoughts and his ways are strong. To be thought of God we have to get close to him and to do that, we must seek his face/ ways. Take time to know what God says about you, about who you are, how you should treat others, what he desires of us and more. Through his word we get closer to him, when you know what he says we will become more confident in knowing that God is with us and is in us. It’s not enough to just rely on our leaders for teachings on the word, to get to know God for ourself we need to seek him. As Jeremiah 29:13 says You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Being thought by our lord is a wonderful thing, he guarantees us that we will find him, all we have to do is seek him with our whole heart.

When we read the word and encounter scriptures that speaks specifically to us (personal revelation), it helps to change our mindset to create hope and faith in knowing that God’s way is truth.

let me give you an example of a teaching from God that I too had to learn and still am. Sometimes when we pray we have faith in that moment, but when something opposite happens, we throw our hands in the air and declare that things aren’t gonna work out. But! God’s word says that faith without works is dead. To say you have faith and not do the deeds (no matter what) that faith requires faith in itself becomes dead (James 2:17- 19). I am of the belief that God way of actioning our prayers is fueled by the way we respond in our waiting period, we have to expect an answer. If we don’t then what does he have to prove to us? How else is he gonna blow our minds!  Praying for something and then becoming weary when that things doesn’t work in the timing and way that we desire brings about frustration, don’t let the mind battles of the enemy frustrate you. Our faith requirement requires that we operate as though things will happen. Let’s not tear down what God has begun to establish by our words and works. A lesson that the scripture brings when we meditate on it.

With God’s way of dealing with issues on our mind and heart we will look to him for guidance and not seek after the “worldly (anything that is contrary to the will of God) way”.


Love You! Muwaah!

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