What is my purpose?

Do you struggle with the answer to this question sometimes? All of us in the kingdom of God has a defined purpose.

One night in prayer and bible study we were asked a question. What do you believe you were called to do for the kingdom of God? As I listened to the individual responses I got scared, I really didn’t know what I am specifically designed to do. In that moment, I took an internal inspection then prayed “lord what am I called to do?” I was then reminded of how I motivated a friend when he was down about not finding a job to support his family. Then it came to me, you are called to encourage. If you are unsure today of what your purpose is ask of God he will answer you, listen. Continue reading What is my purpose?


The Peer Pressure Story

What does it mean to be free.

Oh I wanna be free, God I need to be free.

My name is free, but you can call me peer because I operate when pressured. I am free cause I lead the mind to feel that his thoughts needs others approval. How can I come out from among them and be separate that  is not how I operate. Peer say, don’t you trust me? but peer don’t want me to be free to have an opinion on a matter. They say, come on nah, this is the way, but I know what God say. I am free to be who God called me to be even if it’s separated from the “norms” of this world. Continue reading The Peer Pressure Story

Why me, why should I be an example?

When we often think about personal examples we think about persons of a particular status with a particular level of endorsement. An exemplary figure can be anyone who positively or negatively affect our lives. The question is which do you choose to be? Christ came that we may have life and life more abundantly. Abundant represents plentiful, great, rich, overflowing. Having life that is so great that we impact and enrich the life of others. When we accept Christ as our Lord and savior there is a divine exchange begins to takes place. Where our life, mindset and way of living is now exchanged with his. Continue reading Why me, why should I be an example?