The moment when fear stepped in

The lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear. Fear is an unpleasant feeling that in my understanding is the beginning of all things evil. Have you ever realised that doubt, unbelief, worry and even quarrel among other things, all begins after a feeling of fear rises up on the inside of you? I usually say that the enemy uses worry to keep us from focusing on God and his promises towards us, but above worry there is fear, and fear is the enemy’s ultimate weapon to keep us from trusting God.

When Fear stepped in…

I have being praying and trusting God for a new job as indicated in my previous post. After attending a specific interview, of which I had really, high expectations, I became disappointed, and with my disappointment I began to worry and question God about his plans for me. That same evening I was in a battle in my mind I wanted to know what’s next for me. I was fearful that I would not find a job that meets specific requirements. With that fear everything came my way, the enemy had a field day with my mind. I lay in my bed not wanting to do anything or go anywhere, having my own pity party. The enemy had me right where he wanted me, but God! I was reminded (by my nephew and my sons father) to have faith, and don’t let one disappointment make me want to give up. In Mark chapter 4 from verse 37, the bible spoke of the fear that came over the disciples when they were in the boat and a storm came, after Jesus rebuked the storm “He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”” ‭‭Mark‬ ‭4:40‬ ‭NIV‬. This response must have hurt because it hurt me when I received it. Here I am, a woman of God and I didn’t not realise that my faith was being limited through my fear.

God is so amazing, the day after that interview, I went to church, we had a praise session going on for a couple of days. While there praising God and talking to him about what was troubling me, I felt his presence overcame me.  I was in tears and I heard in my spirit I am alpha and omega, trust me! immediately a calm came over me, God heard my cry and answered me. Regardless of how far the enemy has taken you in your mind or situation there is hope. Having a personal relationship with God is important we need to get deeper in him. We have to position ourselves in the authority of Christ when fear tries to take over and trust God. In all this I was reminded that God is still in control.

Fear is a distraction, don’t let the enemy win.

Fear can cause us to be restricted in our level of faith, our openness to worship God, our prayers, our willingness to talk about and exalt Jesus in everything that we do, you name it. Fear is real, if we can understand when we are being attacked by fear then we can overcome. Being conscious of your thoughts is important, give God your fears ask him to help you to realise when it comes and shot down fear by encouraging yourself in the word of God, renewing your trust in him.

I want to talk a bit more about fear of being open in worship. I personally love to see how different people worship, it brings joy to my heart. Worship is between you and God it is your expression of how much you love God. We worship God simply because he is good. Don’t let intimidation and fear keep you from serving and worshiping God. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say about you, all that matters is what God says, get to know his thoughts towards you.

How do I not give into fear?

I believe that relationship with Jesus is important, when we know how big our God is and how much he loves us, really loves us, fear will not dominate your life. Get to know God’s heart and what he thinks about you and to do that you have to read his word (the bible). As you learn, meditate, don’t rush, talk to God he wants to know everything about us. Tell him what you plan to do for the day as proverbs 16: 9 says “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”. How much more will he guide our steps and decisions if we only tell him with what we desire. When you have a personal relationship with God it will not be hard to tap into the spirit and feel his presence. It is a form of worship when we desire God’s heart.

Don’t feel discouraged when you fall because of fear, get back up and back in line. Fear will come because the enemy is always looking for the opportune time where we are not in our seated position in christ (where we let our guard down) and try to draw us away from trusting in God to come through for us. Your relationship with christ is yours, he desires us, he constantly persuse us because he loves us. If christ had to endure the cross for just me alone he would do it again that is how much he loves us. The next time you are worried, disappointed and feel a quarrel coming on, stop and then think, “what do I fear in this moment?” turn your fear into praise and watch God come true for you.

When we fall to fear we forget who we are and whose we are. Tell fear to back up! because God is still in control.

I Love you… continue to press forward as we walk in newness of mind in Christ Jesus. Be encouraged.

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