One day I will live in the fruit of this moment

Every moment or situation has a divine purpose and intent

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Life as we know it, is a series of steps, each step leaves a different impression on us. From each step we learn and we grow. I have decided to take an “inventory” of my past and present situations by keeping record of my response and how I overcame. In doing this I realise that my past trials have assisted me in living and dealing with my present moment. Think about a time where you were in a situation and you wanted answers. To you and I the situation may not make sense but you must believe that one day you will live in the fruit of this moment. If I was not able to overcome the battlefield in my mind, I would not be able to boldly say that I am happy even in the midst of a storm.  Continue reading One day I will live in the fruit of this moment


The moment when fear stepped in

The lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear. Fear is an unpleasant feeling that in my understanding is the beginning of all things evil. Have you ever realised that doubt, unbelief, worry and even quarrel among other things, all begins after a feeling of fear rises up on the inside of you? I usually say that the enemy uses worry to keep us from focusing on God and his promises towards us, but above worry there is fear, and fear is the enemy’s ultimate weapon to keep us from trusting God. Continue reading The moment when fear stepped in

Patiently waiting…

Being patient and waiting are two words and actions that we as human beings aren’t particularly enthusiastic about. In our lives we’ve had to wait for exam results, jobs, spouses, children, prosperity, the will of God for our lives and if we don’t possess the grace to wait we get consumed, impatient, sometimes worried and try to work things out for ourselves. Continue reading Patiently waiting…

There is hope for our children

It saddens my heart every time I turn on the news or look around in my community and see our children being hurt, abused and drawn away by negative peer pressure. My heart bleeds and I ask where are the parents and why don’t I see the fruits of effective parenting. The world needs the parental role, there should be no substitute.

Where did we go wrong?

Some might argue I make the child but I can’t make their mind. I agree, but we have been entrusted with an individual for whom we should be an example. I try to be the perfect example for my son and also encourage his father to be the same. Our children are a representation of us their parents and the attention we give to them is very important. As parents we have the authority to tell our children who they are, to show them love and to teach them good Godly values. Children often times learn how to/ or how not to live, love, talk, pray, from us. We have to start building their self and God esteem daily. Continue reading There is hope for our children