Overcoming Mind Tactics

The Mind

The mind is a powerful instrument, we use it consciously and unconsciously. Our mind can be the main organ that causes us to be happy or unhappy.

As individuals who has experienced worry, strife, pain and neglect we often replay those moments in our mind. The word of God says in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. In my moment of neglect and rejection I have stumbled upon this scripture. “It’s amazing how God speaks to us through his word in the right season”. I was able to stand on this principle and declare that I have a sound mind because God says it in his word.
To overcome mind tactics I urge you to study the following points, let it change your life as it continues to change mine.

What am I thinking, Is this the truth?

If we focus on the negative things in our lives we become negative. Everything including our conversation become negative. Whatever we put our mind, energy or attention to as individuals those things will develop. Our thoughts should be, will I focus on the negative and motivate myself downward or will I choose my thoughts and motivate myself upward.
Often times we have thoughts about ourselves and situations that are false. One might think, “I am going through this because I am being punished.” How could we know the reason for our “stuff” if we are unable to predict the end? God desires that we cast our cares on him (Philippians 4: 6-7), trust him to work it out and he will give use a peace that passes all understanding. We can simply ask God to take our negative feelings and thoughts replacing them with good thoughts.” None will be able to comprehend why/how you can remain at peace in the midst of the storms/ turmoil. By releasing our cares on him we give up on worrying.

Do I have the right attitude/ mind-set?

Know that you can control your thoughts. In the midst of the mind tactic, capture that thought and think about what you are thinking and ask yourself some questions. Philippians 4: 8 tells us that we should think on the following:

  • Things that are pure.
  • Things that are lovely
  • Things that as just.
  • Things that are of good report.
  • Things that of good virtue and praise worthy.

The key to defeating mind tactics is changing our thoughts to conform and be in alignment to what God says in his word. As David encouraged himself in the lord (1 Samuel 30:6), you too have to practice renewing your mind. Listen to the voice of God, he will never give you a thought that is dark or evil.
Renewing my mind daily.
Romans 12: 2 says that we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by renewing our mind…The word of God speaks so much of the mind, urging us as children of light to capture our thoughts and walk renewed. Most of our battles will be fought by renewing our mind: un-forgiveness, strife (2 Tim 2:23 – 26 NIV) etc. If we purpose in our hearts to get rid of the old man (Mind Set, Attitude, responses) we move one step closer to our victory. Ephesians 4: 22 – 24 indicates that we should put of the old… and be renewed in the spirit of your mind… putting on the new man daily.

  “If we really think about what we are thinking we would understand how our mind operates”.

On my road to forgiveness I had to battle often in my mind. I had questions; why me? How come? Trying to convince myself that forgiveness should be given but only if asked. By renewing my mind and thinking differently about my situation I have come to the realization that I needed to see my situation in a different light; not being bitter but better. I needed to see God’s purpose and intent for what I have been through. Through rejection I was able to Love in a way that does not look at what one had done to me, but by looking at the people and seeing the Christ in them…

I challenge you today to operate in a different mind-set, train your mind to work for you and not against you.

By Delisa Ottley

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